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WHY Event Stream Team?

We aim to assist our clients in extending the impact and increasing the audience of their events by offering webcasting services that are professional, cost effective, and collaborative.


We are friendly, polished and can provide as much or as little event production as you need to ensure the smooth running and success of your event.


Choose from our array of interactive features for your webcast.


Live switching is shooting with multiple cameras and switching between them. Whether your event is intended for recording, Internet streaming, or display on a projection screen.


Live Switching:

·       Can be available for viewing and sharing in real time, and/or as soon as the event is over, sometimes immediately following

·       Can be projected on-site, shared via CCTV, and/or streamed remotely

·       Can eliminate post-production costs


We look forward to hearing from you.

We are based out of the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

We service all 50 states and territories!!!

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